Breeders Page
This lists the places you can get your own hedgehog!
Before you buy

Before you buy you should check out Hedgehog World because it's all about how much commitment we need.

You know you want one - but which?
If you've decided you want one, but haven't choosen between us cute little criters you should browse What's better - boy or girl? and colour guide. They should help you choose.

Just before you've got it
If you're just about to get him/her, you should look at hedgehog holding.

Which breeder?
If you're absolutely sure you want a hedgehog and which you want there's only one question left; which breeder? Well, here'd the answer: Bramblewood Hedgehogs, UK Hedgehogs, which is where I'm from, and Prickley Valley Hedgehogs. Other places to find hoglets are Ad Mart and UK Classifieds, just search for hedgehog.

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