Mr. Toffee

My Favourite Food
Meal Worms

A delicacy for an African Pygmy Hedgehog. These are worms (in fact they're beetle larvae) that have legs and are just delicious! I'm only allowed five a day. In handling time I get them. When Michael hand feeds me and accidentally drops one I go mad! The smell of an undetected worm nearby drives me crazy. Eventually I or Michael find it and I live happily ever after!
Kitten Food

This is my normal food. I get the healthiest kitten food (I'm not allowed cat food because it's too fattening). They put it in my tray and I get about three or four bowls (well, not human bowls. The bowls that fit a Hedgehog in proportion) of it. It's OK, but not as good as meal worms.
Scrambled Eggs

I like scrambled eggs as variety but when I do have them I still eat my kitten food because I know I need a balanced diet.

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