Owners Guide
These are my owners!


This is Michael. He's my main owner. I love him because he always feeds me worms in handling time and in baths. I love crawling up in his jumper and going to sleep. It's so warm and comfy and safe. He's also a fun climbing frame for the times when they don't let me fall asleep in his jumper. I suppose they just want to see my cute little face. He cleans out my water every day. He's also the one who helped me make this website.

This is Teresha, Michael's mum. She cleans most of my cage. She thinks I'm so cute. All I have to do to impress her is sniff, and sometimes not even that!

This is Matt, Michael's dad. He's very warm so when they don't let me in Michael's jumper I go to his. They barely ever let me but it's OK because after handling time I get 30 minutes in Michael's jumper. In handling time his arm usually acts as an arch above my head which always makes me feel safe. He taught Michael how to make websites.

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